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Our Vision

We are dedicated to supporting our patients to achieve physical and emotional wellness. In a world where chronic disease is common, we aim to spread the power of prevention, change, growth, and what it feels like to live healthily.

Services We Offer

NW Integrated Health is the #1 BioTE Provider in the Pacific Northwest and is ranked amongst the TOP 10 in the western United States.


Our medical-grade supplements are some of the most researched and best quality supplements on the market.... That’s why they work, that’s why we love them.

Part of our approach to helping patients reach the highest expression of their health is through the use of our functional medicine formulas and exclusive dietary supplements.

To create our custom supplement products, we use a company called Xymogen. Xymogen is one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the country and has been providing high-quality research, data and medical-grade dietary supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners for over 25 years.

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